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The first section of work that was assessed just before Christmas was Materials, Techniques and Processes. This unit mainly focused on drawing with different materials e.g. marker pens, fine liners, gouache. Below I have photographed and uploaded some of my favourite pieces from my folder of work (some are quite bad quality, sorry!).

These cubes were mainly created using black permenant marker pens and fine liners. I think that the black/white contrast helps to make them really stand out. I tried out using damask on one of the sides of the cube because it is a strong pattern, and I love it! 🙂

These fruit and veg drawings were created with again marker pens and fineliners. I also did a gouache painting of a pepper in greyscale and colour.

I’m really proud of these gouache paintings of a face I found in a magazine. We had to do one with just black for the darkest areas, one with black and light grey areas, one with black and dark grey areas and one incorporating black, light grey and dark grey…. AND also a colour.
I got a Distinction for this unit of work, woo! 🙂

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