What a colourful week…

… it has been indeed! ๐Ÿ™
Last week in Paul’s lesson (Visual recording on Friday afternoons) we started drawing some still life colourful objects arranged on a trolley in the middle of the room… bottles, vases etc

(Picture credit to Miss Neve) I’m doing the left hand end, from the end… I know what I mean haha

Yesterday we carried on with it… the aim is to end up with quite a good representation of the shadows on the items using no black to tint the colours. We have to use the colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel (e.g. Blue = orange) to mix the right colour.

I haven’t quite got there yet… I started painting last week, but yesterday I finished the main base coat of the painting:

It’s a rough picture, but you can see the general idea of things… and deffinitely the different colours!

I will take a picture of the view which I’m painting from next week so you can compare likeness… but I must confess now… I have improvised on the rope, A LOT. Haha. It’s just one big ropey mess… interesting though!?

I needed a bit of colour this week… it’s been tough for me recently (splitting with the bf) so its nice to see something developing well… ESPECIALLY in this lesson – if you have read earlier posts you will know that this is my least favourite lesson because I’m rubbish at it basically lol

UPDATE 06.02.09 – Another week on and I’ve got a bit further! I’ve started putting in the shadows now, and we’ve been given an extra week so should hopefully get it finished soon!

Next to the trolley, but you can’t see the shadows and stuff cos it’s not the right angle… but a comparisson anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


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