CollegeRoses Are Red… or Dusky Pink

Vera Wang’s roses are most deffinitely NOT red lol That would be far too easy for me to replicate….

Hilary’s new project (well, I say new… we’ve had 3 weeks on it now) is that we’ve chosen an advert from her selection and have to reproduce it as accurately as we can. It’s all about attention to detail; every colour, every line and every stroke of a brush should match up!

I chose the Vera Wang Truly Pink advert mainly because I liked it… and because I didn’t think it would be as difficult as some of the other options (including very minimalist and sharp adverts by designers such as Chanel and D&G) but I have proved Julius right (he said I would be crazy to pick it because it would be really hard) and am now regretting it a bit. The colour is just so hard to match, especially with all the light on the rose petals etc

Above, Original advert

Above, my tracing

The beginning of my tests… the roses, and the bottle neck

Progress needs to be made on this project… majorly lol I need to sort myself out and get focused, but its so frustrating… 3 hours tomorrow though, plenty of time to be inspired again!

And anyway, I still love the advert even if I hate it 🙂

Update 23.02.09 – Its 22.17pm the night before the deadline of this project…. and this is what I have…

Excuse the poor photography AS PER USUAL, no flash on camera, accetate reflection, light reflection etc etc

But, arrgh, the background is just not enough/right! 🙁

Update 23.02.09 – Its now 23.16pm…. and Im a little bit happier I think. I re-traced the background AGAIN but onto white tissue paper … and its still not right, but I think it’s a step closer at least?

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