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One of the problems of only just having started this blog last month is that you only get to see my current work… when I think you need the whole story! So what I’ve done is dipped my hand into my portfolio I took around to unis (and get accepted by 2 when I clearly wasn’t ready haha) and also some other bits and pieces that I really like and think show who I am…

Lets start with the earliest… GCSE!! (Yes I know…bad pic quality, this is what happens when you cover things in sticky back plastic – can’t use flash! haha)

This seems actually ages ago (well, it was… nearly 4 years now eek!) but I am really proud of my GCSE work, not only because I got an A* (main reason tho :P) but also because I didn’t do art… but all of the illustrations in the pop up book are hand drawn.
Now, you’re probably thinking ‘a graphic designer that can’t draw?’ well here’s a bit of history – when I was 8 I came 3rd in a drawing competition for Natwest! haha I was in the newspaper… even on the front cover! So I know can draw, but I’m just not confident at all. The fact I didn’t do art at GCSE (timetable clash that wasn’t my fault, resulted in me doing Drama instead) makes me wonder exactly what level my drawing is at, I’ve got no grade to help me gauge!

But anyway, yeah… LOVE my pop up book, and although I look back at it and think ‘ahh, could have done that better’… at the time I got loads of compliments and I still love it ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a bit of a gap now… in my first year of A-Levels I didn’t really do anything creative because Product Design was more about design, not art. But towards the end of the year I realised I had to start doing my portfolio…

I think this was done around Valentines in 2008? I bought a selection of pick and mix sweets from Woolworths – the last time I would do that, RIP Woolies lol ๐Ÿ™ and photographed them… then printed them off and cut every single one out… it took actually forever! I think it was worth it though, no?
Once again… picture taken without flash because I covered it in sticky back plastic, but I can assure you it looks SWEET (haha) in person ๐Ÿ™‚

What girl doesn’t? I saw this gorgeous pair of shoes in Superdrug’s free magazine (Dare) and decided to practice my shading technique…. and I really love the outcome!
Sadly I can’t find the original page or I would have scanned it but here’s a webcam screenshot from when I was showing it off in comparisson to my friend on msn.


This is my W.I.P piece (Work in progress)…. which never got finished!
I had planned to finish it before my interview at DeMontfort uni in Leicester, but decided to take it as my W.I.P piece because unis want to see not only finished pieces, but stuff that you are currently working on too!

It’s a picture of me and an ex-boyfriend from when we went to a wedding in 2006? It was a gorgeous day and the hotel in Spalding was absolutely beautiful!
I don’t think I’ve actually got the original picture anymore due to Computer crashing etc but it was such an amazing picture, totally natural because we didn’t know it was being taken.

I cut it up to give the illusion of the glass in the photoframe being smashed… I guess the idea behind it was that the relationship was cracking or broken/over. I can’t really remember now, and I can’t even remember how I had planned to finish it either, but I want to finish it sometime soon so might have a bit of a brainstorm later!

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