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Last summer I went to Reading Festival with my friends Laura, Nadia and Christie and we had an AMAZING time… what a summer!

After doing the gouache faces with Hilary I had the idea to do a painting in the same style for my friends, one each for christmas. HOWEVER, I started and didn’t get around to even finishing one, let alone 3 haha

I found it last week after my major room clear out and it just reminded me of the amazing time we had! The picture of the 4 of us was taken when we was waiting at the barrier for The Blackout to come on. If you don’t know who The Blackout are then they’re a Welsh band…. and we love a bit of Welsh haha. They were on the main stage first on the Saturday and we got up really early, like 7? to queue up and make sure we got to the barrier – and we did! We RAN FOR OUR LIVES the whole length of the arena bit (if you’ve been then you will realise just how far that is lol)… i actually felt like dying when we got there! haha But it was an amazing time and I got some brill pics of Sean:

I love the colour of the sky… it was such a b-e-a-utiful day!

Here’s a pic taken from the stage… if you look closely you can find us at the left hand side – look for Nadia’s green bit on her top (a Blackout band tee) haha!

And another random pic for the love of memories :)…. I think its a bit skins-esque… if you get me? Love it 🙂
UPDATE 28.02.09 – I’ve finished the first painting just in time to give to my friend Laura for her 19th Birthday 🙂

I hope she likes it *fingers crossed*

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