I <3 Books

I love books…. Twilight, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Diary of a crush…. all the typical teenage girly books. But I like to read about other things too…

I confess, I go to the library quite a bit… Wisbech, Gaywood, College – I have membership to all 3 :). I am pretty sure one of the College librarians knows my name Haha. I go to the college library like once a week at least… and I think I have pretty much always had a book out so far…. I’m starting to worry myself.

Recently I’ve been making my way through the typography books in the Graphics section because we’re doing a lot of research on the development and anatomy of type. There is one book that I had to renew like 3 times because I found it really helpful, so I decided that I should probably give others the chance to read it, and I have bought it!

^^^ I got it for Β£12.20 from WHSmiths online… a saving of Β£5.75 πŸ™‚ – BARGAIN!

Its got loads of useful stuff about type in and some interesting examples of how type has/can be used.

Its one of a series by GavinAmbrose and Paul Harris, the other titles being Format, Layout, Image, Colour and Print & Finish. I think I’ve had all of these out of the library apart from Format and Colour πŸ™‚

I’ve also got Graphic Design School by David Dabner – this kept me sane while I was missing college back in the week I spent in Portugal at new year, and How to be a Graphic Design, without losing your soul by Adrian Shaughnessy – which I am yet to read. I pestered my mum for these books 2 christmases ago… and only reading 1 out of 2 in like a year and a half is a poor show lol

And last december, while christmas shopping (not intentially for myself) I found an interesting book on the history of Magazine covers… which I bought and then made my sister pay me for it so I could have it for christmas πŸ™‚

This doesn’t count as a book really… but my ex bought me a year subscription to Eye magazine – the international review of Graphic Design (fingers crossed he hasn’t cancelled it) for christmas, and it has some interesting articles in… I think I read that the March issue has a lot about Typography in so I look forward to seeing if it arrives… unless the subscription has actually been cancelled πŸ™

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