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Modern and Manuscript – not usually 2 words used together to describe one piece…

My mini dictionary defines these to have meanings of:

Modern adj. of present or recent times
Manuscript n. book or document, orig, one written by hand; copy for printing

When you think of manuscript, you think of old, important writing, one of a kind…. and most probably, Bible? Am I right?

Well this project is going against that (well, no, it will be one of a kind!).

Mr Skinner has given us some really un-interesting (depending on your view) bits of writing by some self-absorbed musicians – the writing content isn’t important, it’s how it looks that matters (unfortuantly the way it is in society A LOT of the time nowadays hah)

My initial ideas included:

  • This is your life/photo album/ diary style digital book
  • Post it note trail
  • Writing on paintbrush handles
  • Using a game of scrabble to spell out the words
  • Printed onto the back of receipt paper
  • Escalator stairs

After a discussion with Mr S., I have decided that I will try out the Escalator idea and adapted the paintbrush idea so that it is pencil crayons – you can get big sets of all the colours of the rainbow!

Hopefully T.K.Maxx in Lynn will let me take some detailed pictures of their escalator so that I can photoshop the words onto the steps and make it go round and round and round 🙂

Quite excited by this project… the only problem is that at this moment I have got 3 projects on that I really like – how can i divide my time fairly?

UPDATE – 22.04.09

A bit of a major jump in time on this project… as today was the deadline and everything has been submitted!

I can’t upload the finished article YET because its saved as a psd or pdf and my Photoshop trial ran out today so I can’t change the file type just yet….

I went with the pencil crayon idea as THE idea after deciding that taking on 2 projects would just create un-needed pressure/stress.

I have analysed the text style/layout and typefaces on pencils like no one ever before (well, someone probably has been geekier, but it feels like I am the biggest pencil typeface geek atm!) in order to replicate some existing styles of pencils and make them look convincing…

…2 of my fave styles *cringe* – I can’t believe I have preference on the style of pencils haha
This is one of the crazy things that Graphic design drives you to…

I arranged 49 pencil crayons into different orders… size, colour, random etc and photographed them to get a visually interesting image and I chose to use this one:

The picture isn’t the best quality ever but has ‘stretched’ to A3 without any problems!

And voila…. the final:

UPDATE 26.04.09 – PDF conversion to PNG 🙂

I like it 🙂

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