I have been SO exhausted for a couple of weeks now; so busy trying to balance college work, work and friends who are back from uni!

It’s nearly the middle of June now! This month is going so fast!

The second years have finished the course and are awaiting their final grades tomorrow.
The first years (me) have finished all projects… nearly
The new first years came to an open evening last night which I attended as helper/doorstop. It’s so weird to think that was me last year, I’ve learnt so much in this first year it’s crazy, and hopefully I’m a better designer?

We get marks back for Typography research, Experimental type, Relentless (Can design and essay) and Narrative Panel soonish so fingers crossed for some good grades…

I’m beginning to think of ideas for stuff to occupy myself with in the holidays (with no illustrator or photoshop) and so far I’ve got:
. Research Universitys (I’ve already started sending for prospectuses; got Norwich, Lincoln and Falmouth so far)
. Start thinking about Final Major Project ideas. It is REALLY early, but after watching the second years rushing everything in the past two weeks, I have figured that it couldn’t really hurt to be a bit prepared?

In the two weeks we have left at college I’m hoping to find some time to do some more graphics for here because the current one is getting a bit old now! I don’t have any ideas yet though…

Anyway, It’s half 4 in the afternoon and I’m going to sleep! Hopefully I will be able to get some energy and stop feeling so ill 🙁

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