CollegeMeHello wordpress!

Hello wordpress!

I have been blogging with since January 09 but decided to transfer over to wordpress on advise from Mr Skinner (lestaret). We discussed how wordpress is better because has tags, statistics etc and so I decided it was time for a move. It was actually really easy, I was able to just import all my old blogs from to here in one easy click 🙂 Wooo!

Hopefully I will be able to get out in the world a bit more with wordpress… well, I’m going to try it anyway 🙂

I finished my first year of college today and it’s really weird to look back over the year… there has been some good times and grades 🙂 So it’s the first day of summer holidays tomorrow…. and I am going back into college haha THEN I spose I will have to stay away until September 14th… and hopefully I will find lots of fun design-y stuff to keep me occupied in the day and blogging away at night 🙂

I’m off to have a little play about etc…
I will be blogging soon hopefully 🙂

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