The last unit of drawing work for Paul was entitled ‘Changes’ and we had to produce 3 drawings/paintings showing stages of something changing.

The more obvious things would be something dying or growing, but I decided to do something a bit different.

I was given a bottle of Martini Asti by a family friend for my 18th Birthday (and I still have it… unopened!) and I decided that I would draw a sequence involving that and a champagne glass which was getting emptier in every drawing. I wanted to add another twist to the drawings though, by warping the images to create the illusion of vision blurring like it would when you have had a few glasses too many!

First I warped the images on photoshop and then used a grid system to get the scale right as I was drawing them on A2 paper.

Here is the original picture and my drawing:

Changes Original  Changes 1

Changes 2  Changes 3

This last image is my favourite because of the way the warping turned out; the objects have almost become unregonisable as a bottle and glass. I also like how parts of the object have separated from the main body on both the bottle and glass.

I decided to paint only parts of the drawings just to give them a flash of colour and cause more contrast between the objects and the plain white background.

This was my first real venture with watercolours so obviously theyre not perfect, infact they look really patchy in those photos, but they didn’t look that bad in person… they looked a lot better, i promise 🙁

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