CollegeMeRelight My Fire!

My ‘fire’ for the beautiful artform which is Graphic Design has been re-lighted/lit.

It’s nearly midnight on a Friday evening, marking the end of the first week back at college and first week as a second year on my course!

The return was eagerly counted down to by most people in my class, what can I say – we are all dedicated! And I am relieved to be back… even if it is ONLY for 3 days a week. O.k. here’s my rant about that part:

3 days at college; 4 days off college. That’s pants! I feel like I’ve already had my weekend (wed and thurs) but no. I remember when we used to be proud to say ‘We’re not part timers’, well we ARE now! And not through any choice of our own. I’m sure once we get back into things I will be spending Wed and Thurs at college anyway… but I miss Hilary and Luke(who have been cut due to college cut backs)! 

But I can honestly say I am SO glad to be back. I’m excited/a bit scared about what’s going to be going down this year 🙂

There isn’t really much sense to this post, I just wanted to quickly blog about something because I haven’t blogged much about myself recently; its been more J’adore. I will have loads of projects to blog about soon enough though 🙂

GF out.

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