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Something really cool happened last night/today, my friend Bobbins submitted one of my sunset photos to, which if you’re not familiar with… basically it’s a website where people can nominate other people’s work which they think is cool/good/interesting. So there are lots of cool stuff on there… but the exciting thing is that the website administrators don’t just let anything be posted on there so it’s really good if your work IS featured!

WELL I didn’t know he had submitted anything (we had talked about it briefly yesterday) until i looked this afternoon and I had over 270 blog views from!! So I got all excited and clicked on the link to see if I could spot my work…


This is my post:

Apparently it doesn’t exist anymore, gutted much!? And I really want to know why it has disappeared 🙁

I guess I had my 15 minutes of fame and now it’s over… until next time anyway, fingers crossed 😉

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