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Last Tuesday (I’ve been too busy to post until now sorry) some of the class started the linocutting print technique.

Now, anyone who has been reading my blog for the past couple of months will know that I already tried linocut and I failed miserably at it and I have a lot of admiration for designers who produce beautifully detailed linocut prints because it is hard! So I approached this technique with the knowledge that I can’t do it….

… only to discover that actually I CAN do it! I acted like a second teacher because our printmaking tutor Neil was still helping others finish their etchings, and since I knew how to linocut I helped the few that were ready to progress on!

I think the others thought I was exaggerating when I told them it was hard, but then they had a go for themselves haha

I chose to use a photo I pulled out of a magazine for this process because there is a linocut print on the wall of the studio which I think is really striking so I wanted to do something similar:

After sketching my idea on roughly, I warmed my lino up on the ol’ hot plate!

I haven’t got any pictures of me actually doing the process because I was too focused on working to remember to ask someone to take pictures, but I will remember when I do my proper thing…

Here is my result at the end of the lesson; about halfway through I think!
But I plan to draw up another typographic face to linocut properly, I saw this as a warm up go really haha
BTW I just want everyone in the world to know that i now LOVE this process, not only because I’ve found the knack, but because I really like the results it gives. I think that I might do my final poster for Printmaking in linocut! 🙂 Yay I’m looking forward to it!


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