… I wish that I had done Fashion. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

(Day One of my new 365 challenge)

That is when I’m caught up in Flickr world – but then I remember why I love Graphic Design 🙂 A girl can like 2 things at once, right? 😉

It’s NYD – Friday 1st January 2010 – New Years Day. I am hopefully getting my New Years kiss right about now 🙂 – yes, I have pre-written this post because I knew I would be away in Ipswich with the boyfriend.

So I should be thinking about New Years resolutions or something, right? I never do these usually…

1. Keep blogging, lots – I want to keep up with how well I’ve been doing, so at least like twice a week

2. Keep focused on college work – it counts this year!

3. 365 – I will make my best attempt at trying to do it properly but I think I will probably cheat a bit hah

4. I want to make more of an effort with my friends who are at uni – including visits to see their halls because it’s shameful I know, but I haven’t actually visited any of them 🙁

5. I want to learn to manage my money more responsibly – need to learn this skill before I get to uni and blow it all

6. I want to learn to cook some simple meals from scratch – I don’t want to live on Take-aways at uni

I wanted 10 really, because of course it’s 2010, but I couldn’t think of that many 🙂

I wonder if I will keep to them… *fingers crossed*

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