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I found this video via Effektive – who I J’adore haha

If you love printmaking, letterpress, typography, posters or just Graphic Design in general…. you MUST watch this!
8 minutes of your life, well spent/enjoyed.

I love the opening quote: ‘Advertising without posters is like fishing without worms(have I got that right?)’

And I just love everything in this video – I wish I could go to Nashville to see it all happening/ get my own poster printed!

My favourite poster of the video is 00.49 – Brittany Will you marry me? – LOVE this!
Take note future husband, whoever/wherever you may be… you would score MAJOR brownie points for asking me to marry you with a poster like that (obviously with my name instead hah)

Since starting the extra Printmaking award in September I have been a lot more aware/appreciative of printed stuff – hopefully a good influence on my design.

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