BloggingCollegeMeThe big 4-0-0-0!

4,000 views in just over a year – YAY! Thanks everyone who regularly reads my rambling 🙂

I apologise for the lack of posts and updates of the 365 project. I can promise you I’m not cheating; I have taken a picture everyday but it’s been really hectic recently with getting my portfolio ready so uploading has been slightly delayed!

I have been doing 12 hours at college (8am til 8pm) and then sleeping and that’s about it. I haven’t had any ‘free time’ to come and upload pictures or post… along with the portfolio prep, I’ve also got 5 college projects happening (Corporate Identity, Packaging, Magazine Design, Printmaking and Movie Posters – I will blog these in good time) but I’ve now basically finished my portfolio so should have a bit of free time 🙂

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