The Brand of Me: The Badge

Today the final badge was born(made). One of the technicians at TPH (Thomas Parker House) kindly made my design into an actual badge!
If you remember, all of my designs were in pencil so I digitalised and printed them off on my shiny new printer (had to get a new one because although my old printer had a CD for installation with Mac, it wasn’t compatible!):

As you can see… the badge cutter was actually a bit bigger than the size specified on the brief (58mm) so I have ended up with the line showing on mine πŸ™ and also not much of the pattern! Here’s how it should look:

I’m not sure if we’re actually going to have to wear these badges, as I had assumed they were an icebreaker thing to try and get to know people’s names? But I thought ‘Do the cliche badge picture, why not?’ So here is my badge in situ…


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