Remember the 80 logo designs I talked about last week? Well it wasn’t an impossible task after all!

Here are my final 50 variations which I presented in the class critique…

And I have even photographed them singularly so you can see each page as once again SOMEBODY (aka moi) did most of the designs in pencil – I should have learnt/ got a new excuse by now really haha

My fave from the sheet above:

My fave from the sheet above:

My faves from the sheet above:

My fave from the sheet above:

I haven’t chosen my final yet. I don’t know which one to pick!??

So that was conventional type nearly finished with. The next task is experimental type, which I like a lot better. I have done some of this before (Meat, Vines, and Ice lollies) so am looking forward to the challenge of 30 variations. I already started a futuristic/high tech style typeface in lesson:

I have begun to develop a pattern/system to how the letters are portrayed in relation to others.

I also began drawing something in the style of wires (high tech), looking in particular at the way an electrical current could be passed through a word by how/where letters join:

The task is to create 5 and then pick 3 to develop a further 10 times each. Busy busy busy!