After finishing the summer project (name badge), I thought we had seen the last of making badge for a while…. not quite the case! In our Wednesday tutorial we were set The Helvetica Challenge.

I know Helvetica to be a bit of a Graphic Designer’s favourite – my friend Luis absolutely LOVES Helvetica! It has been cliche in recent years with branding and corporate identity featuring it as the main logo font – only the other week I posted a link to some of my course mates about Gap’s re-branding using Helvetica! The new logo has apparently been pulled due to public reaction, but really… who would use a Swiss typeface for an iconic American brand’s logo? Tsk! Nevermind…

Anyway, so we were set the Helvetica challenge – to create a tiny 25mm name badge using only Helvetica and 3 colours, not including black. Here are my outcomes:

I think the overall feeling was that it’s actually hard to make Helvetica look interesting. After a group discussion with Tim and my lovely course mates, I picked the top left hand corner design as it has different composition and proves that even though it is a small size, the text can still be effective and read.

…And there is the little guy made up (and again it was too small – I give up!), chilling out on my new diary! I’ve never had a diary before but I’m trying to get super organised, it’s a beautiful colour, it’s damask print and best of all; it was £1 – bargain!

Also that day, we were admiring some pretty cool luminous posters that have appeared around the TPH building so I decided to investigate the web link provided…

Turns out it belongs to a 3rd year student, Sophie Adams. Visit to understand and also take a look at her work here – her Bible for Designers is pretty cool.

I’m a bit behind on blogging due to being so busy, but I’m catching up this weekend 🙂 Oh and talking of blogging, I’m enjoying discovering my course mates blogs! It’s nice to be able to see other people’s approaches and to put work to a name because I might see it in class but its quite anonymous! I have changed the way my blogroll works too – now I have an extra list of links to course mate’s blogs! Oh and whilst we’re on the subject of blogrolls, I now feature on the Level 1 course blog with a few others who have submitted their blog links! Oh, I do miss waffling on my blog 🙂

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  • Stacey

    23/10/2010 at 11:55 am

    I love those little badges (:, i may even have a little go myself although ill have to use a different font as i dont have helvetica, but i shall choose something simple (: x x


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