Basically neat vs messy, smooth vs messy and easy to read vs hard to read sometimes.

I don’t think I will ever learn about using pencil and then having to present/photograph work! Nevermind!

In class I got some feedback from Sinclair and have decided which unconventional typeface to pursue with…

The final task was to put all my work together. I tried to do a few extra bits to help it flow more as a project, rather than just what we were told to do! Here is a brief flick through my work:

‘Brainstorm’ of my characteristics.

10 hand drawn type observations

Type anatomy!

Existing Lorry logo research

Looking at the different ways I could vary the designs… Hierarchy, Colour, Alignment etc

The 80 logo drawings which you saw in the previous post.

Final refinements.

Research (Notice the cheeky inclusion of 2 of my own experimental typefaces :P)

Experimenting with wet media!


Sketching different options.


Digitalisation of the conventional typeface.

Deciding on the final conventional typeface.

Digitalisation of the unconventional type

Making adjustments to the unconventional typeface… a lot of grids and measuring!

This is not just any project… this is a NN project aka a TREE! I always use a stupid amount of paper… it’s not environmentally friendly!

Anyway…. final logos:



I definitely like my unconventional typeface better – I’m quite proud of how it’s turned out 🙂
I have my review tomorrow at 10 with Sinclair! Wish me luck!!

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