I’ve moved in to my new Uni house which I am sharing with Amy, Bobbins, Dani and Helen in September! It’s going to be an all Graphic Design house – late nights, coffee on tap and layout paper stashed under the stairs! Haus of Graphique haha

Having our first house is very exciting and you know what it’s like – you want to make your space nice. I’m beginning to put together an arrangement of cute items for my fireplace…


I love my origami flowers and helvetica(controversial) foam lowercase n which I already had but the mirrors and lamp are new. It was yellow but I spruced it up with some aqua paint – Changing rooms eat your heart out!

Yesterday I went shopping with Amy & her friends for house bits like mirrors etc and it just got me thinking about all of the great graphic designy house things I could buy(if I had all the money in the world)…

I know it’s the 2009 edition but this typographic calendar from Orange Beautiful would go nicely in my kitchen along with some typo slogan tea towels by Keep Calm Gallery and Little Mashers…

and some of MöA’s little tea storage boxes…

… and it was a tough choice between Pantone mugs and these ‘cliche graphic design’ mugs by Catherine Colebrook! I do enjoy a cuppa 🙂

Putting a full stop to my tea obsession and moving out of the kitchen, I’m not sure about the red but I think in white this alphabet bookcase would look pretty cool holding all my lovely design books…?

If you don’t like that, then maybe some classic A-Z bookends instead from Childs & Co…?

Every corner would be covered in my house. How about a variety letters to create some interest on the stairs

…or maybe a Bold & Noble typographic map of Britain? It even features Wisbech and King’s Lynn – I’m impressed!


A set of chalkboards like this from Caroline McGrath could make organising my life a bit easier – I like the idea but would I really use them though? No haha

I found this typographic lampshade which was a DIY project by Alexa Westerfield who has created tutorials on how to customisethese paper lampshades (which I coincidentally purchased for my room the other day for 99p – perfect!) in other ways too. She used vinyl lettering for this one below, great stuff! Going to have a go at this myself soon 🙂

Last but not least, we step outside to the garden with Guillermina Canosa Argerich and introduce nature to typography:

Great stuff! When I’m older and have my own place I will incorporate ALL of these into one place – imagine the chaos! Who want’s to come visit? 🙂 Until then I have a few finishing touches planned for my new room which I will show you when they are complete. What great items do you have in your house/room?


  • jamesrobinsgd

    04/08/2011 at 11:47 pm

    I suppose my typographic butterfly is very similar to the map of England?


  • graphiquefantastique

    04/08/2011 at 11:48 pm

    From New Blood? Haha yes… if you say so 🙂 Won’t find KL on it though!


  • Vasare

    08/08/2011 at 10:47 am

    Really enjoyed this post, you will have so much fun, all those all nighters, loads of coffee and sharing feedback together. Ahh i miss those days! And that book shelf looks class!


  • arosedavidson

    14/08/2011 at 1:06 pm

    I’ve loved the mugs, the map, the chalkboards and the customized lampshades, but honestly, the calendar just caught me! I simply loved it and it made me wish I could have one of those! 😀
    Very interesting post! Oh, and I’ve also enjoyed the handmade helvetica letters you made for your roommates! Great idea!


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