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Limited Edition Exhibition

I feel like I’ve posted about my limited edition poster a lot recently, but this time it’s not all about me!

Our Visual Expression tutors, Philippa and Barrie, kindly arranged for our work to be exhibited at the Greestone building for a week. Emma and I headed up the hill to have a look…

There was a variety of processes used, from embossing to spray painting and screen printing to letterpress. All of the posters looked great and you could really tell that people have enjoyed the project and put a lot of effort into their posters.

Lucy’s (left) and my posters (right)

It was really interesting to see everyone’s work as, with there being around 90 people on my course, I don’t get to see a lot of the work that is produced.

The exhibition is running until the end of the week (tomorrow – wow that came around quickly) at Greestone so if you’re in Lincoln and love printmaking then you should pop in!

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