I’m back up North now – it’s great to be back in Lincoln. I’ve had quite a busy summer travelling around a bit and working but now it’s back to business! This is the last year of my degree, which is exciting and very scary.

Last week it was graduation day for the 3rd years 2012, which means I’m now officially a 3rd year 2013. Emma & I went up to the Cathedral to have a nosy at what happens in preparation for next year (eeek!) and were persuaded to sneak into the Castle by our tutor Barrie. Don’t worry – we didn’t cause any trouble, just had a look around but felt a bit awkward so left after 5 mins. Seeing everyone in their gowns & hats just made it seem all that little bit more real, especially when another tutor, Ian, said ‘It’ll be you next girls!’

Congrats to the Graphic Design class of 2012!

Graduation day 2013 is going to be so emotional – it’s like the end of the beginning! Who knows what I’ll be doing/where I’ll be this time next year? (for job offers, get in touch haha)

But before I can graduate, I still have this last year to enjoy! Yesterday I went on an ‘adventure’ to see if anything had changed whilst I’d been away…

… same beautiful view, but what’s that glistening at the top of Steep Hill (Britain’s best street 2012!)?

A golden post box for Paralympian, Sophie Wells, a University of Lincoln student. Congrats on winning your gold and 2 silver medals Sophie! You can watch the post box transformation here. (I confess, I’ve photoshopped the bin out because I thought it ruined the photo and it was annoying me – who’s idea was it to put a bin next to a post box anyway?)

The post box isn’t the only transformation taking place around Lincoln. I noticed a couple of shops in town have been transformed too – more on that in my next post…

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