In my ‘homecoming’ post I mentioned some transformations that had happened in Lincoln. I read in the Lincolnite last week that two shops near the market would showcase work by University of Lincoln postgraduate art & design students:

I visited the MA show last year so thought I would check out this years too (but that elderly lady just wanted to use the shop for shelter, cheeky!).

You can just about make out a rocket ship shape in the top photo – this is the work that got me excited. I really love papercraft and also items made from cardboard – letters, animals etc I used cardboard to create an infographic for the Inter Year Challenge earlier in the year. Corrugated cardboard is actually a really interesting material to work with and looks amazing layered (in my opinion) so when I saw this massive rocket ship made from cardboard in the window I couldn’t wait to go and have a look:

Oliver Underwood is the product designer who created the 2 metre beauty. Each section was laser cut from corrugated cardboard and then the ship was assembled.

I love it! Oliver also had some other really interesting and intricate work on show:

Tweet tweet tweet! Oliver must be a god with the scalpel…. or he used the laser cutter?

Onions have layers and so do donkeys (Shrek).

There were two rally cool books on a table in the centre of the room:

The first had this amazing rocket ship reveal of corrugated card! LOVE!

…and the second had a cute candle cut out detail on the top which transformed it into a square cake. There was a notice that said ‘do not touch’ though so unfortunately didn’t get to look through the books but I basically loved all of his work!

If I’m honest, the rest of the work wasn’t really my cup of tea, however I did like these typographic experiments by Mahsa Mousavi

… a mixture of English and Persian languages. I also thought this plate from upstairs in the Fine Art shop (the other shop) was interesting:

… but not a clue who produced it as the labelling of work was a bit hit and miss. If anyone does know

So if you are around Lincoln town, go and check the work out for yourself. The gallery is open from September 11 to September 15, between 10am-4pm, and September 18 to September 22 from 10am–4pm.

For more info about the designers and their work, check out the show blog here.

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