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So it’s the end of the first week back at Uni and I’m suffering from a strain of Fresher’s Flu. I’ve got a new best friend – a toilet roll ha. It’s been a busy week, I don’t feel like I’ve stopped! After getting the Experience design brief on Monday, I went to London on Tuesday with the girls.

We visited a few museums, looking at the experience created, exhibition layout, object display techniques and technology used:

First stop, the Museum of London.

I really enjoyed this museum, thought it showed great attention to detail and a variety of exhibition types.

No area of the museum was wasted, there were even items displayed in the floor:

There was also some interactive technology too, with QR codes and NFC tap points – just shows that Museums are down with the kids now.

We also went to the British Museum but I found it to mostly be artifacts in glass cases:

The Science Museum was my favourite, with a lot of interactive features and experiments:

Personality quizzes, musical lines and heat screens:

…and it was this cabinet that I found quite interesting:

More about that soon.

I also visited two Lincoln Museums: The Collection and Museum of Lincolnshire life, which I was pleasantly surprised by to be honest. The Lincolnshire life museum had some great features including a replica traditional print shop which had some awesome letterpress posters and woodblock type – designer drool!

Never before have I paid so much attention to the lighting and smell of a room: both key elements to creating a great experience! I’m learning a lot from this brief – my eyes (and nose) have been opened.

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