Today we had our first mentoring session of 3rd year. Our mentors, Glen & Chris, have planned some activities for us over the year to help us bond as a year group and think about what kind of designer we want to be after we graduate etc

The first couple of sessions are themed around ‘Día de los Muertos’ which is Spanish for ‘Day of the dead’. It’s a Mexican holiday/festival in which people gather to remember and celebrate their ancestors, family, friends and loved ones who have passed away. They have picnics next to their ancestor’s graves and decorate them with brightly coloured sugar skulls and flowers. There’s a great mix of colours and patterns – I bet a brilliant atmosphere too.

Back in first year (around this same time actually) we were set the challenge of drawing 100 teapots or skulls in 1 hour. The aim was to just quickly get your ideas on the page rather than sitting and thinking about how it should look – something I am very guilty of! For our challenge today, we were tasked to create skulls from type:

I teamed up with T-Bish, Talveer, Amber, Emma, Lucy, Jack and Harry to create lots of smaller skulls which we planned to combine to make one big skull. We were joined by Chris for some light chit chat about sheds, keeping fit and dj-ing.

The first years have been working on some similar work with Philippa and Barrie so we popped into their studio for a quick peek:

… looks pretty cool. And then it was on with the cutting and sticking:

T-bish tries to find an interesting composition…


… whilst Emma, Lucy and Harry all use splashes of colour and Amber created a set of sibling skulls:

So… we didn’t produce enough skulls to complete our big skull yet, but hopefully it will be installed in the studio when there are enough. Go team Zembla (minus Harry)!

I didn’t know until today, but Glen has a bit of a fascination with ‘Day of the dead‘ and likes to draw, paint and make his own Calavera Catrina (elegant skulls):

I really like that he shared it with us – it’s great to see what makes the tutors tick.


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