… it’s the coffin they carry you off in! One of those old sayings I heard my grandparents say when I was growing up. Why is it relevant? Well, carrying on from my first Día de los Muertos post 2 weeks ago, last Wednesday we began the next stage in our Day of the dead activities:

Can you tell what it is yet…?

… it’s an Emma sized coffin!

Credit for the coffin to Jack, T, Emma, Lucy, Amber, Heather, Sunjay, Tom and also some taping skills from our tutor, Chris!

Today I did a few more skulls…

… and Emma & I started to fill the coffin with some of the skulls…

… and then Sunjay tried to put Emma in the coffin! Haha!

The end aim is to finish the coffin & skulls for a window display in the main window of TPH – we need to get busy & make a lot more skulls though! Zembla classmates – if you’re reading… get involved!

Next week we’re having another Inter – year design challenge day, where we’ll be introducing the 1st & 2nd years to Day of the dead. And it’ll be halloween too, so very appropriate!

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