Triangle FridayTriangle Friday #33

Happy Triangle Friday! This week, I’ve been working with brightly coloured triangles for my D&AD brief. The other week, during my research, I came across this set of Tangram notebooks by Tuğrul Peker. I think they’re pretty awesome:


So 2 of the notebooks aren’t triangular, but 5 are! Each has a different type of paper – big lines, small lines, dotted, gridded and plain. This set has a notebook for a designer’s every need! The set is called ‘Shape of my art’ which I think is a great, really cute play on words!

I love how they all fit together to make a square and that you can also create different things out of them – a dolphin! They kind of remind me of those plastic puzzles you get in christmas crackers – but the notebooks are obviously better!

The last triangular notebook I posted about was sold out, but you can actually get hold of this set! They’re available to buy from here for €16.50 which works out about £14.
I found a tutorial this morning for making a triangle accordian book and I’m really excited to try it! If anyone else gives it a go, get in touch (read more here). Can’t wait to see the results.

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