(The title is a reference to the Sugababes song – remember that from many moons ago in 2002)

What have I been up to since my last update a couple of weeks ago? Well…

Comparing our boss Chris to Lisa’s Butter nut squash (which she later ate – cannibal!)…

…taking advantage of the buffet at meetings…

… a deep discussion about daschund doggies…

My friend Glen snapchatted me a flyer which had made it’s way out into the big bad world and into his work place (Starbucks):

This was the first time that I’d seen any of our work printed so it was pretty exciting! Lisa worked more on the flyers whilst I worked more on the posters (which we still haven’t seen yet!) but obviously it has been an overall team effort.

Lisa & I took a little trip to Frequency HQ to pick up some flyers for ourselves:

I was amused by their little message board…

… so we got our own for the Blueprint office:

Ticking things off our list – feels goooood!

Darren (Blueprint Boss) treated us to a (indoor) BBQ and beer…

Ever wondered what the team looks like after an all nighter?

Answer: delirious. Lisa and I that is – Chris had a lovely nights sleep, lucky boy! #studentsforever

Although Chris did start drinking Lemsips because he’s not been feeling very well…

Lisa (the mac face) pretends to be shy…

The awkward moment when Chris throws a memory stick to me and it goes out of the window…

… but lovely Lisa went to fetch it 🙂

So it’s been another great couple of weeks. The deadlines (and Festival!) are fast approaching, so soon you will be able to see what I’ve been designing!

Frequency festival is happening in Lincoln between 18th and 26th October – check out what’s planned!

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  • Chris Searson

    24/09/2013 at 12:29 pm

    You see, it has been fun!

    Plus, our whiteboard has a burger in the shape of my face which immediately makes it better than Freq’s 🙂


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