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Moving into a new house is both exciting (new place, new people) and stressful (trying to fit your whole life into one room). Making a house into a home is all about the decor, atmosphere and mood aka a great excuse to go shopping for some nice things. As a house full of females, we accepted the challenge and spent the past week searching for items which would make the house feel ours:

Tiger is one of my favourite shops for quirky, cheap and cheerful things. They have a bit of everything including cute watermelon glasses, curly straws and garden lanterns.

Between us we had most kitchen essentials but Lucy couldn’t resist playing the ‘Darling, someone’s in our kitchen’ game:

Ellie was in search of a desk, bedside table and set of drawers (I LOVE the Malm range – the dressing table is beautiful!) whilst Lucy and Nadia tested out the chairs:

Could a duvet set be more ‘me’ when it matches my outfit?

Oh wait, it could have triangles on it:

Just £14 from Wilkinsons!

I’m always up late reading blogs or blogging so table lamps were top of my list – and it was a long one, oops!

Does anyone else have as much fun as us shopping for homeware? Although I can’t say carrying all of the stuff we had bought home was much fun – my arms still ache!

How have you made your house a home? Got any tips? I think one of the most important things to do when looking for home accessories is to shop around – it takes a little bit longer but if it means you have the house you want for less, it’s worth it. Try IKEA, Tesco, Wilkinsons, Tiger, Matalan, Poundland, Asda, Morrisons, B&Q – all have great home ranges from kitchen to bedroom. And most of all, enjoy it!

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