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December: Silver

All that glitters is NOT gold… Nope – it’s silver! Ok so silver isn’t technically a colour, but come on, it’s almost Christmas so let me have some fun.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room – the gold vs. silver debate. Now, I know that gold is always seen as the best precious metal (everyone wants to ‘go for gold’ and silver is 2nd place or whatever) but I’ve actually been more of a silver girl throughout my life. I see silver as being cooler; more sleek and futuristic, whereas gold is warmer and luxurious. Although I’m open to indulgence every now and then, luxury isn’t really my vibe and I’ve always been drawn to cooler toned colours like blues and purples.

Shiny shiny.

Despite what I just said about being a silver snob, I’m pretty open to a mix of metallics; copper, bronze, rose gold – I’ll take the lot. I’m just a Magpie for anything shiny really… BUT can I just go on off a tangent about Magpies for a minute here because I just googled ‘Why do Magpies like shiny things?’ and apparently it’s A COMPLETE MYTH. Are you as shocked as I am?

So research shows that Magpies are actually scared of shiny things – has my whole life been a lie? Those little birds have been falsely accused of being thieves for centuries all thanks to a European folklore. Well thank goodness the internet’s here to put us all straight, eh? If you want to read a bit more about this then you can head over to this BBC News article.

A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone…

…and that’s the truth, folks. So there’s no excuse – here’s a few ways you can embrace some silver in your life this December:

Colour Calendar Silver

1. Shooting Star Necklace: Tatty Devine – £25
2. Amabella Arch Mirror: Urban Outfitters – £90
3. Squared Toe Block Heel Silver Ankle Boots: Public Desire – £39.99
4. Limited Edition Silver Polaroid Film: Urban Outfitters – £18.99
5. Silver Chylla Connected Shapes Earrings: Oliver Bonas – £50
6. A6 Silver Lightbox: Paperchase – £12.00
7. Trunk Storage Box: Habitat – £40
8. Midnight Star Crossbody Bag: Skinny Dip – £28.00
9. Grey Velvet Trainers: Converse at ASOS – £55.00
10. Atia Semi Circle Purse: Oliver Bonas – £24
11. Silver Balloon Dog Money Box: Trouva – £16
12. All Over Shimmer Socks: Oliver Bonas – £6
13. Silver Rechargeable Power Pack: PNY via Amazon – £13.84

If you wasn’t already sold on silver then hopefully my little picks will have changed your mind – you can’t say no to shiny shiny things!

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