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There’s been a lot of desk activity going on at GF HQ recently: I filmed a Desk tour video and was visited by the lovely Jo Crawford to take part in her Bloggers at their desks series. Living (with my boyf) in a dark small-ish bedroom in a rented London house means that space is quite limited; despite the squeeze, I feel pretty lucky to have just enough space for a desk and somewhere to film/flatlay/be...


MeA new space

I’ve been moved home for 19 days but it feels like 4 months – everything seems so slow around here. I had way too much stuff at Uni to fit back into my old room at home so it’s been a long process of sifting, sorting and getting rid (which I should be good at by now really). Finally I can see my floor and I even have a desk space: So it’s not quite as...

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