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After debating whether or not to buy them… I did. I just thought ‘Why not?’…. you only live once! They arrived today – Eeek! Pantyhose! Haha! How Americano! Ooooh typographic texture… 🙂 Yayyyyy! They’re amazing! Can’t wait to strut my punctuation around Lincoln 🙂 Might go all out and put my Helvetica t-shirt on too!? Nn 🙂 Typographic overload! Watch these legs… 😛

American Apparel are my new best friends. First they brought us the Helvetica Tshirt…. …. and now, PUNCTUATION TIGHTS! Crazy! They just love us Graphic Designers… I first saw these on Autilia’s blog: Ahhh they’re so amazing! I am SO tempted to buy them, but at $36/ approx. £22 (and then add shipping on top of that) they turn out to be some pretty expensive tights… especially as I have a bit of a history...

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