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Permanent Markings

This is part of my drawing work – Friday afternoons, I DREAD!
Drawing isn’t really one of my strong points, but this is a piece of work that I actually like! (out of 8 drawings btw hah)
I used 2 different thickness fine liners and different stroke directions and weights to determine different objects.

Update 05.02.09 – We got our grades back for this series of drawings today… I got Pass/Merit…. which I’m fine with, ‘cos like I said ‘drawing isn’t really one of my strong points’. I can’t be good at everything… but I will try harder next time!! Paul said my drawing is getting a lot strong/better now anyway…

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  • Bobbins

    22/01/2009 at 9:53 pm

    im glad someones come out ok, mine was just random scribbles

    the arches are a bit 2d, but really its pretty well done old bean (:

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