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The Merchant Of Venice

This is the poster that I created for a Modern Shakespeare Play Poster Brief.

I made the meat font myself (inspired by Robert Bolesta, yes) and it has quite a funny story attached….. I made the letters on Friday at college and when I had taken all the pictures etc I put the meat in a bag and then in the bin in the corridor as it gets a bit hot in our classroom and I didn’t want it to start smelling.

I came in Monday morning to hear everyone talking about how there was a nasty smell in the corridor and I remembered…. I went downstairs to a stench just SO bad!….. The cleaners hadn’t emptied the bin over the weekend and the corridor stank of rotting meat! Haha!
Oh, and I also made the blood-ified tag (with food colouring!) too.

Another Distinction project 🙂 Wooop

P.s. I had to change it to a JPEG to upload it so quality is not very good… but I have to say, it looks AMAZING printed out on photographic paper 🙂

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