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As a Photoshop project I had to design an Annual Report front cover for a company that sells everyday products (to make a point that Graphic Design is not always glamourous!)

I was given the company ‘WoodPrime’ – a company that sells Creosote, wood protection.

One of my ideas was to create a graffiti effect by using stencil art graffiti to create a wooden fence effect on a wall. After some research in Banksy and other stencil artists I made my own stencil and used spray paint (apparently for use on cars, oops hah) to paint over the stencil.

After a bit of tweaking in Photoshop……

It’s not really what I had envisioned to begin with, but I quite like its roughness. It’s not supposed to be perfect, that’s not what stencil graffiti is about! It’s about the grime! Well, more about the statement being made really…. but still, I like the imperfections of stencil graffiti 🙂

29.01.09 – Got our marks back today…. I got a distinction 🙂 woop

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