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Splash Effect

Haha, thinking up the cheesy title’s makes me smile 🙂

The next Photoshop project for Luke is to design a screen splash (start up screen bit) for Adobe Photoshop CS4…. using only the colour we’ve been given (as well as black and white).

I’ve got Reflex Blue (below), and am quite happy with it…. but I want to make sure I do something totally original…. no water or dolphins – SO CLICHE!

I’ve got a couple of ideas to start off with… hopefully I can develop them into something really interesting, not giving them away just yet though 😛

UPDATE 19.03.09

I have just realised that it would look like I have done no work on this project, when infact… I have!

I have done some moodboards etc, a bit more research into Reflex Blue and read some books about camera stuff on how to take pictures of lights at night/ reflections on water etc

This is all I can show you atm (the only jpeg I have)… but I assembled it using co-ordinates etc 🙂
I know I said I didn’t want to do the cliche water thing, but how I’m doing it at the moment is quite different! I’ve gone down an architectural route (I can’t show you atm because I’ve only got psd files and no photoshop at home!) with some pictures of flashy, glass buildings/skyscrapers. And I’ve also got pictures of Wisbech Port area incorporated too (the reflection of the lights on the Nene)!

For my 2nd idea I am thinking a nautical fashion theme… maybe?

UPDATE 23.04.09

Today was deadline day… I made it, just.
I haven’t been updating this project very well so I thought I would upload some pictures of interesting pages from my work:

Mood boards about Reflex Blue…

Here’s my mood board for the Nautical Fashion idea I was thinking about. I changed my mind slightly as you will see when you look at the final.

Here is a page about the different camera settings I used when taking pictures of the light reflections (and fireworks)

Here is some testing I did in the style of artist Yves Klein. He used the naked body to create patterns, and also painted canvases of one colour which puzzled some visitors to his exhibitions.

And here are the final screen splashes:
(I had to scan them in from my work so that’s why the quality is quite poor)

Screen Splash #1

I don’t really like this first one because I wanted it to be about the light reflections on the water but my tutor said that he thought they were too dominant so I toned it down. Here is the one I was going to submit…

Screen Splash #2

I had a bit of trouble with getting the angle of the ‘Adobe Princess’ name right on the ship… it’s still not perfect 🙁 This idea turned into a more abstract pattern using an image of a ship that I vectorised. I used subtle hints to show that they are actually ships (the anchor)

UPDATE 07.05.09

We got our grades back today… I got a High Merit which I’m pleased with as I didn’t expect to get a Distinction because I knew I hadn’t put as much effort in as usual. You can’t win them all!

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