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Take Out?

This doesn’t really have anything to do with my course, or Graphic Design really but I just needed to share it with the rest of the world really lol I will probably end up doing this kind of thing every now and then…

Yesterday we went on a trip to Nottingham Trent Uni and after looking round etc we went into the city for shopping (Primark queen at work)… and then on the way back to the coach we got caught by the smell of Millie’s cookies, as you do 🙂 … If you haven’t had a Millie’s cookie, you haven’t lived lol They’re amazing!!!!

Anyway… I went halves with Bobbins on a deal thing and I just found the reciept in my pocket…

The whole point of this blog is to point out that the reciept states ‘TAKE OUT’.
1. It makes Millie’s sound like Maccy D’s (it IS also an american company, but it’s no excuse lol) or something… you know, when they ask you if you’re eating in or not?

2. I didn’t know you could ‘EAT IN’… where exactly would you sit? On top of the oven? Or maybe move the chocolate sprinkle shaker onto the floor? I mean… Millie’s Cookie ‘shops’ are NEVER big… they’re like market stalls really… so surely TAKE OUT is a waste of ink, waste of paper and waste of my time reading it? haha

3. What is a ‘Classic’ cookie? I didn’t realise there were catergories of cookies!? Are there sports cookies, family cookies and eco-cookies (all types of cars – classic, sports, family, eco-friendly)?

and 4. I don’t like the discourse of the reciept (This is English Lang A level now haha)…. I mean, it says ‘Thankyou for your custom. Please call again’ before you’ve even bought anything haha

You may be concerned for my mentality and think I am crazy and sad after reading that, but at least I feel better now 🙂 I get the same about spelling and stuff…. They’re, There and Their, Know and No, You’re and Your…. those are just some of my favourite common mix-ups people make lol

Please don’t send for the men with the straight jacket 🙂

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