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J’adore Damask

….I realise that we probably don’t know each other very well (blogger, me and reader, you lol) but one thing that you will come to notice is my love for Damask prints/patterns! (… well, if you hadn’t already guessed anyway…)

I love the black and white and white on black versions best I think… colour makes it too jazzy?

I love Damask so much I even sleep surrounded by it….

It looks very nice in my room 🙂

I really want a damask skirt…. I know, sounds a bit O.T.T but what I mean is a dark, smudgey grey material with a faint black damask print on it… to look as if someone has printed the pattern onto the material using potato stamps haha Would look nice and classic with a white top.
It would be so cool…. might try it if/when I get rich and famous; can’t afford potatoes at the minute, let alone fabric paint and material! haha

There is one thing I hate Damask on though…. mugs, euk!

Ok, so this one is doubly horrible because it’s orange too haha but, aren’t they so AWFUL!?
If I see Damask patterned stuff I’m usually really tempted to buy it, but not a mug; the patterns are always so ugly and small. They should have a large, really crisp b&w pattern… it would look so much nicer! lol (watch this space… could now do some mug designing in my spare time? haha)

I’ll add some pictures of other cool Damask items when I find some… damask donations are always welcome haha 🙂

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