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Greyfriar’s Art Gallery

The College Art & Design department rented out Greyfriar’s Art Gallery for a week to showcase some of the work students have done…. Fine Art, Photography, Textiles, Graphics…. lots of different things on show!

You remember my Merchant of Venice poster that I did for a project like a month ago? Well my tutor used a letter of my meat font on the exhibition leaflet…. its like all over the college 🙂 AND causing a bit of controvery too… someone signed in the visitors book ‘Love the work. Hate the poster.’ Haha 🙂

Here’s the Graphic’s posters…. a mix of 1st Year Modern Shakespeare posters and 2nd Year Movie Posters. My poster got picked, wooo!

Me with my poster haha ^^

Team graphics…. minus Stacey and Aurimas

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