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Bad Timing

… I admit, recently I have been a little clumbsy. BUT I NEVER expected this to happen in a million years!

Last night, when I got home from work I smashed my watch into like… a million pieces*? 🙁

* I don’t actually know how many pieces its broken into, there are bits on my floor and then still a lot in the watch – although I doubt there are a million hah

I hit it against the arm of my chair and didn’t realise anything until I stood on a shard of glass… and then saw the damage 🙁 I know I’m quite strong for a girl (A couple of years ago I snapped a toilet handle off by just flushing it, not with a lot of force… just casually! Haha) but really… I didn’t move my arm with that much force :S

I really love/d my watch… I missed it today – I never realised how dependant I was on knowing the time!
It was an 18th birthday present from my best friends…. so it has sentimental value too. And for this reason I can’t help but feel guilty that I actually am quite pleased it broke – I think it’s created a really nice piece of ‘art’, the smash being right in the centre of the face.
I think it’s beautifully done hah

Click on the picture to make it big size and just look at the beauty of the glass – GO ON!!

I can’t help but think it is some kind of sign? It smashed right at the centre(heart?) and the glass has been forced down, freezing the hands at 20 to 12. Maybe I’m reading into this too much? hah

But anyway, I just bought one exactly the same from ebay for £1.75. I might be more careful this time!

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