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The Improbable Product

A new project with Hilary… The Improbable Product!

I didn’t really have many ideas for this… found it hard to brainstorm ideas! But I narrowed it down to Air Guitar (which has been done to death) and Geek Repellant – and I chose the repellant, lets face it… it is in need recently lol

We have to look at branding and how it works… then brand our own company to fit in with the current market etc

Possibilities of my product so far:

  • Cream/Moisturiser
  • Nail Varnish
  • Spray/Deodorant/ Perfume
  • Talcum Powder
  • Breath Mints
  • Chewing Gum
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Necklace/Bracelet
I’m thinking that my brand, which I have kinda named Glitch – like a computer glitch, geeks don’t like glitches!, will be aimed at teenagers/young adults…. 13 – 25ish

Due to my target age range, I have decided it needs to be an accessible product like Impulse/So…?/Lynx and so cannot be sophisticated or as expensive as designer brands such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Gucci etc

BUT I have decided that nowadays fashion conscious youth would be attracted to the Glossy magazine adverts that designers like DKNY, Calvin Klein and Burberry, and so am thinking about maybe shooting an attempt.

I need to make sure my brand doesn’t turn out into the novelty disaster that it could…!

UPDATE 17.03.09

I am REALLY excited about this project now… My brand identity ideas have come on quite a bit since the first edit of this post!!

This is the idea now:

Brand: Glitch
Product: Perfume
Style: Fashion/Trendy/ Topshop/ IT-Girl – think Juicy Couture style packaging
Market Competition: Juicy Couture, FCUK, DKNY etc

I’m doing a photoshoot in the photography studio next Friday 🙂 With me and Sophie as the girls, Aaron as the ‘hot boy’ and Bobbins as the ‘geek’.

I’m doing the rock/grunge/dark/edgy style and Sophie is doing the cute/sweet/pretty/girlie/flowery style 🙂

It SHOULD turn out amaze… I’ve got loads of ideas for poses etc

And I love this project so much I’m planning on doing perfume packaging, tester sticks and some point of sale displays of the advert in A4/A3 🙂 – I can’t wait, hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head haha 🙂

UPDATE 21.03.09 – I went to collect my perfume bottle today (I won it from ebay, but instead of paying P&P I went to pick it up because the seller only lives in Kings Lynn!) and it is beautiful 🙂 Very happy with it!

Ooooh its so dazzling 🙂

So anyway, I have been thinking about what type of packaging to do and like the style of some packaging Hilary brought in by Molton & Brown…

The ribbon ties it all together AND is pretty too! 🙂 I made my own version according to measurements of my perfume bottle (only about 3 inches high!)

🙂 Add some nice card, some of the nice ribbon I bought from the Fent shop, a gift bag and the tag/label I’m planning to make to hang on the bottle and VOILA – Glitch packaging 🙂

UPDATE 22.03.09 – It’s half 9 on a sunday… and I’m awake :S

I’ve gone dotty on the perfume box…

What do you think? It’s looking classier? 🙂

UPDATE 22.03.09 – 11.18am

I’ve just cut Glitch in Mistral typeface from tinfoil…

… was an absolute nightmare, and not too accurate but looks nice? 🙂

UPDATE 22.03.09 – 13.59

I’ve made a gift bag to match now 🙂

It bends and everything (Doesn’t QUITE fold up though, I blame either the card or my measuring!)

I haven’t glued it because my glue gun has ran out of glue 🙁 and I haven’t attached the handles yet because my hole punch won’t fit over the card… but hopefully I can find something in the 3D workshop tomorrow in Emma’s lesson to make the hole… AND I’m thinking of using eyelets so the holes don’t tear? 🙂

Oh, and I didn’t realise this until now but I’ve got the join on the front corner (left hand side – look and you can see 2 different dots) 🙁 Should have thought about that a bit more…

UPDATE 22.03.09 – 15.20


Update 28.03.09 – We did the photoshoot and everything 🙂 This post is getting a bit long now so I have made a new post HERE where I will put all end result etc


  • lestaret

    05/03/2009 at 8:23 pm

    Have you got anyone in mind to use this product on? A second year student perhaps?

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