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Poster Nerds ‘R’ Us :)

After Hilary’s lesson today, it would seem everyone is even more desperate for a Distinction on the Improbable product Branding/packaging project!

After lesson Kirsty, Danielle, Stacey, Kelly and I headed into town… for shopping and a bit of photo taking at first but it turned into packaging, posters and bags collection!

I had wanted to take pictures of some of the products in Boots, but even with a letter from Hilary to verify that I was actually a student and not a spy(haha), they said I would need to call customer services and get it o.k.ed by someone in head office and then check back with the Kings Lynn manager……….. a bit of a palava if you ask me, so I can’t be bothered really!

But Superdrug, Debenhams, Thorntons and Topshop were a lot more helpful 🙂

Here is just some of the goodies we picked up….

We got loads of posters from Topshop

Some bags and posters from Debenhams

Some Hugo Boss boxes and testers from Superdrug

Some chocolate boxes/packaging from Thorntons

The lady in Debenhams said she had loads of Armani stuff but she had just put them in the crusher!!!!!!!! 🙁 But she took my name and number and said that when she gets some more stuff in she will give me a ring 🙂

Topshop were really enthusiatic about us taking posters off their hands, and said we are welcome to check back for more 🙂 – Fit Topshop boys on our walls, I like 😛 hah

We got an impressive haul of stuff if you ask me 🙂

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