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Photoshoot: Went Without a Glitch :P

Yesterday (Friday), I did my photoshoot 🙂 Yay

We used the Photography studio and the infinitive curve thingy 🙂

We had lots of fun… I think Tom has discovered a new talent; he took some really good shots 🙂

I will upload the best ones soon, after I have had a bit of a tweak 🙂

Ooooh well excited for the end results!

Here’s my fave pic of me…

It’s not really anything to do with the shoot, but a nice random one taken by Tom 🙂

Update 13/04/09 – I have finally got around to uploading the pics!


^^ The guitar transformation!

^^ Bobbins the Geek

^^ Sophie the pretty fitty

^^ Me: the girl with the killer guitar

^^ Doing our thing with the guy

^^ Awwww aren’t they cute 🙂

A bit of messing about 🙂

Final set of glitch packaging etc

I managed to get everything ready to hand in before half term… it did involve staying up til 3, but was worth it 🙂

I got a Distinction btw 🙂 Wooop

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