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Appearances can be deceiving – Easter Special

So it was Easter Sunday yesterday, meaning easter egg time! 🙂 (I also discovered I can’t remember much of the Easter story… and I don’t know why we have easter eggs, other than for an excuse for card shops and supermarkets to make money!?)

My mum says I’m too old for easter eggs now (although, she still bought me one hmn) but my Grandad has a different view thankfully 🙂

He is also known as Chocolate Grandad, not because he is made from chocolate (duh), but because when I was younger he used to take my brother, sister and I out every weekend and buy us 50ps worth of sweets (it used to buy a lot of sweets back then!).

So my Grandad asked me what kind of easter egg I would like, and I went for Creme Egg – a Cadbury classic! HOWEVER, yesterday I was presented with a different egg (dun, dun, duuuuun)!!

Now, who am I to complain? I’m trying not to be a spoilt brat, afterall, he still bought me an easter egg. ‘You’re older now so I didn’t want to get you a kiddies one. This one looks more grown up’, is what he said.

So this is the view I had when I first walked into the room and saw it…

Oooh, looks like posh packaging doesn’t it?? (thats what he thought too) I was thinking ‘oooh maybe it’s a Thorntons egg?’ because they sell them in Asda now don’t they? and also.. ‘Oooh I bet this will be nice, creamy, milky chocolate!’

Well….. No.

My grandad bought me a dairy free, nut free, gluten free, egg free(what the hell, an egg free egg?) egg.

I know, I shouldn’t be upset or disappointed… but I kinda am. I haven’t tasted it yet but what is the point of dark chocolate? ‘To be healthy’ you say? Easter is ALL about being unhealthy!

The box says: ‘made with special care and free from cross-contamination’ – I like a bit of risk with my chocolate! It’s no fun if you can’t get salmonella hah

My grandad said he didn’t realise it was meant for someone with allergies, and said that he just thought it looked nice – DAMN YOU, PACKAGING DESIGNERS AT KINNERTON!

The moral of this story? …. don’t put nasty, allergy free chocolate in nice packaging! Thankfully mum knows the way to a girls heart is Dairy Milk 🙂 Very nice.

Happy Easter btw. I’m gonna be reading up on why we have easter eggs just to satisfy my mind.

Oh, and happy non-year anniversary to me…

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  • lestaret

    15/04/2009 at 6:57 pm

    I know what you mean about being misled – I took the Kids to McD’s thinking they would be happy with carrot sticks, a fruit bag and mineral water! It’s not like that in the ads!!!!

    Non-year anniversary? I have to know…

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