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Ice: Twice As Nice In Letterform

This is in relation to Typeface by Tasha, however I decided to give it a post of its own 🙂

This afternoon it was kind of sunny so… any excuse for an ice lolly or two 🙂

(It turned out that it wasn’t really all that sunny OR warm so hoody was a must and my excuse for my facial expression is that the lolly was lemon flavoured and a bit sour!)

After experimenting with the wax letters (which are photoshopping quite well so far!) and going to the trouble of making all the molds, I thought it would be nice to make some actual ice lollies!

My mum pointed 2 things out:
1. I was filling her freezer up with some dirty, smelly (the mold stuff stinks), weird things and she didn’t like it
and 2. they would melt – she’s really observant if you hadn’t guessed 🙂

But I think that half of the beauty/fun of doing the ice version was so see them melt…who agrees? Type is usually something permenant and so the limited time of the ice lolly existance makes it special, or so I think.

I think it’s really nice how the light shines through the translucent parts where the food colouring isn’t so strong 🙂

After messing about with them for a while I left them to melt on the grass…

… 30 mins later …

…. 1 hour 30 mins later…

…Too late! haha 🙁

O.k. so I kinda forgot about them, Ooops!
I think my dog might have ate the C (he had been eyeing it up all afternoon) and the S still remains! I will pay more attention tomorrow when I do the other letters!

Whilst I had been waiting for the letters to melt I took some pictures of the wax letters on the grass because I think it makes a nice ‘scene’ – I think it makes it look as if a little girl has dropped them on the floor and left it to melt. I can just imagine the tantrum now… stomping of the feet took place for sure! 🙂

My lollies are obviously just SO great, even my dog Dylan wanted to get involved 🙂


I cleared more room in my freezer so I could try and do all my letters at once today!

It was a lot sunnier and warmer than yesterday 🙂 …

Mmmm red, tasty lollies 🙂

Oh, the S and the C are hollow because I put the other letters in my freezer overnight and then decided to re-do them also. I under-estimated how solid they were and so when I was taking them out of the mold, they cracked and all the liquid came out.

BUT I think the S looks really nice because the front was missing from the middle section and so you can see inside 🙂

The melting! (Click to enlarge it and see the whole thing)
It took 1 hour 30 mins today because it was a lot warmer 🙂

Above and below, comparisson between the wax and the real ice lollies


UPDATE 14.05.09

Finito! I have edited all my letters and handed in my work (a week early!) before I go on holiday tomorrow…

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  • Jenni

    10/05/2009 at 12:14 am

    This is cute and kind of a funny story. The pictures do give off a little kid kind of setting. Nice Job.
    Keep Smiling!

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