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Wizard Time

Due to the recent recession, my Dad has been out of work for a couple of months now, but has just started up his own gardening business.

He has named his business (ignoring everyone in my family’s constant mickey taking) ‘Wizards of Wisbech’. Laugh NOW. I know. I know. I hope he gets people ring him up trying to book him for a child’s party (though, that is NOT an invitation for you to do it haha)

He has asked/paid me to design the logo, some leaflets and a business card and I will also probably be helping him out with his website too.

I wouldn’t say I like the work I’ve done, but thought I should record it on the blog so that I can look back to now in a couple of years and hopefully laugh… or cry haha

Oh, before you see them… I didn’t like the idea of using a wizard for the logo. I designed 8 ideas which were more garden themed (leaves etc) and presented them to my Dad and he wanted tacky and a wizard, so that is what he got! He seems happy enough with it anyway…

Above, the logo

Below, the poster/leaflet

All I can say is… I’m getting paid and it wasn’t worth the hassle to just refuse to do it for him!

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