Bawsey Pits

It’s weird that even though I have nothing to do all summer, I only find myself blogging about once a week! Recently, its been usually on a Wednesday so I purposely didn’t blog Wednesday and then yesterday I was knackered because my younger sister, Sophie, and I went to Bawsey Pits to do a photoshoot. I have found myself sitting on flickr for hours on end just admiring the work by some talented photographers and this prompted me to have a go! Afterall, I’m a graphic designer so I should be able to edit photos, right? (Always easier said than done!) So I did a bit of research, downloaded a few interesting textures, bid on a camera tripod from ebay (I love ebay), and then started deciding where I wanted to shoot my photos.

Most people don’t realise it, but really we are quite lucky to live in Norfolk. There are some actually beautiful features; fields of crops, fields in general, mini forests, rivers, streams, lakes, old buildings such as mills. All of these overlooked by most, but I have been taking note!

Bawsey Pits used to be a quarry/silicon sand pit, but nowadays it is very quiet and beautiful. There is a lot of sand – white, fine and soft, several lakes – with clear water in some parts and woodland – all kinds of plants creating natural scenes. I used to go quite often when I was younger but hadn’t been for many years up until last year when I visited twice. On a sunny day it is a beautiful place, and my sister was surprised to discover this.  

My family are not a close unit, so it was nice to go with my sister and do something fun together. We had such a great laugh and took some great pictures, which was helped by the fact that she is stick thin and very photogenic (well I think so anyway). We shared the styling and camera duties so I can’t accept sole responsibility!

I am yet to edit them, but here are a few that I think look nice as they are… Opinions welcome as always.

A few more pics can be found on my flickr account!


  • RL

    20/10/2010 at 2:45 pm

    This location looks awesome! Where in Norfolk is it? I am sad to say I have lived here my whole life and never heard or knew anything of it!!

    • graphiquefantastique

      20/10/2010 at 6:01 pm

      You have missed out! Bawsey Pits is just outside of Kings Lynn, near to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital! Hope you take a trip there, it’s beautiful on a nice day!

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