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J’adore… Axel Peemoeller

I first saw this image of ‘Up’ painted onto the floor and walls of a car park around christmas time last year, but it has taken me until now to do some proper research into who created it.

The answer is Axel Peemoeller! And I have found other pictures of his ‘work’ in a garage in Melbourne, Australia too!

This is so clever! Something which is only legible at a certain point creates an interesting image, even when the word is not clear. The walls, floor, posts, pillars and doors have all been incorporated into the design to make it work, making random shapes of colour intriuging and make the viewer want to know more. Obviously so much time and thought has gone into designing these, and also such accurate measuring to ensure that the end result would be perfect! Who needs signs when you can paint messages with instructions on the walls?

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