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Sunset Photoshoot

I haven’t been blogging about anything actually done by ME recently… it’s been a lot of J’adore work (which I hope people are enjoying none the less)

It’s not Graphic Design, but it is photography (again)! I’m really trying to work on my ideas and compositions etc because my mum hinted about the possibility of getting me a proper camera (decent – you know what I mean… dslr 🙂 !!!) for christmas & birthday presents this year (I’m a boxing day child damnit!)

But anyway, the practice with the little 6 mega pixel digital camera continues. I went to Bawsey Pits last week with my sister but have wanted to do a photoshoot at the beach for a little while so dragged my sister again and best friend, Christie this time! We tried to do a bit of a nautical/sailor theme because of the beach scenery obviously but I didn’t want to make it too tacky!

I haven’t edited anything… I think I’ve decided that I’m not really into the whole photo editing thing.  I just like it how it is or i don’t. Marmite 🙂 or 🙁 and before you say anything, I’m quite aware that in most photos our clothes aren’t really visable. It was more about the sunset and the silhouettes created!

Here’s a little preview but go to my flickr for a few more of the best shots(comments appreciated as always):

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